Math for Health Careers

Math for Health Careers (root)

The Math for Health Careers section contains a large volume of help items for Prof. Oates’s OCCC Math for Health Careers course, APPM 1313-001.  Hover and click on “Math for Health Careers” items in the navigation bar above to access the items by module.  (I’ll put some better navigation in this page ASAP.  –CLO)

The topics include:

1)  Course Overview Materials

2)  Module 1:  Units Conversions

3)  Module 2:  Oral and Parenteral Medication Calculations

4)  Module 3:  IV Drip Calculations

5)  Module 4:  Pediatric Medication Calculations

6)  Module 5:  Miscellaneous Topics in Med-Math

7)  Module 6:  Computer Projects

8)  Final Exam Review

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