Module 1

Math for HC:  Module 1

Practice Test 1

Practice Test 1 is available here.

Worksheets for Module 1

Worksheets for Module 1 are available below.  Worksheets 2 through 7 are optional.

Module 1 Worksheets:  WS 1WS 2WS 3WS 4WS 5WS 6WS 7WS 8WS 9WS 10WS 11WS 12WS 13WS 14WS 15WS 16WS 17WS 42WS 43WS 44WS 45, and WS 46 .

Roman Numerals (Roman Numeration System)

The material on Roman numerals is now available.  See also worksheets WS 12 and WS 13, above.

Metric Prifix Table with Examples

Metric_Prefix_Examples table is also available.  This table will be part of the conversion tables on Test 1.

Units Conversion Summary

Units Conversion Summary sheet is now available.  This table will also be part of the conversion tables on Test 1.

The Forbidden Abbreviations

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (“Jay-co”) requires that hospitals ban the use of certain confusing abbreviations if the hospital wishes to be accredited.  A list of the Forbidden Abbreviations can be found through the preceding link.

National Institute of Standards and Technology Units Conversion Summary

Enquiring minds want to know the salacious, unexpurgated, startlingly explicit truth about conversion factors.  Learn covert conversion secrets!  Discover units furtively pilfered from the ancient Romans. The NIST Units Conversion Summary has it all.  Coming soon to grocery store checkout stands everywhere!  (new! exciting! sensational! different!)

Significant Digits Presentation

Have a look at Dr. M. Sanchez’s PowerPoint presentation on significant digits and scientific notation.  (You may have to save this to your local disk to view it.)

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