Module 3

Math for HC:  Module 3

Tactics for Solving Chapter 10 Problems

Here’s draft document that describes tactics for solving IV drip rate problems.  It’s in the “if-then-else-ish” English (also known as “pseudo-code”) that software people use to describe solution methods for problems.  I hope it’ll help you organize your solution techniques for Chapter 10’s problems.

Chapter 10 Problem Solutions

The text of several e-mails I’ve sent to students requesting help with Chapter 10 problems can be downloaded here.  A new supplementary solutions digest is also available.  Here’s a solved problem or two.

Worksheets for Module 3

Module 3 Worksheets:  WS 22WS 23WS 24WS 25WS 26, and WS 27.

Note that Worksheet 23, The Five Percent Rule, is no longer used.

Practice Test 3, page by page.

Practice Test 3:  Page 1 Page 2 Page 3, and  Page 4 (with revised answer for problem 16)

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