Module 4

Math for HC:  Module 4

Practice Test 4

Practice Test 4:  Page 1 Page 2 Page 3, and  Page 4

Worksheets for Module 4

Module 4 Worksheets:  WS 28WS 29WS 30WS 31WS 32, and WS 33.

Review Guide for Test 4

Review Guide for Test 4 is now available.

Solutions to Five-Step Problem

solved five-step problem with commentary can be found here.

Solutions to Module 4 Body Surface Area (BSA) Problems in All Flavors

Here’s the Guide for Calculations with Body Surface Area (BSA) .

Solution Guide for Module 4 Dosage Range and “Is it safe?” Problems

Some problems in the text and in Worksheet 32 are dosage range or “Is it safe?” problems.  Click this link to receive more information on dosage range/is-it-safe problems.

These problems require that two sets of calculations be made, one for the LOW LIMIT of the dosage range and one for the HIGH LIMIT.  The ordered dose is then compared to these limits to see if it is either within limits and, therefore, SAFE or outside the limits and, therefore, potentially UNSAFE.  Note that both the limits and the ordered amount must be in the same units.

More Module 4 Problem Solutions

Here are some solved problems drawn from e-mail messages sent to APPM 1313 students recently.  These should assist you in working the Module 4 homework.

Erratum, Module 4 Problem from the Textbook

The text’s incorrect answer to problem 3, page 216 is 9.7 mL/dose.  The correct answer is 4.8 mL/dose.

The previous edition of the text had this same question, but in that edition the medication label displayed a concentration of 125 mg/5 mL; since the new label’s concentration is 250 mg/5 mL, the required number of mL is half that stated in the answer section.

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