Module 5

Math for HC:  Module 5

Practice Test 5

Practice Test 5 is available here.

On the real Test 5, questions 12 – 16 will be replaced by dilution problems similar to those on Worksheets 40 and 41.

Help for Module 5 Dilution Problems

When synthesizing (building) dilution setups, you’ll need this write-up on Chuck’s Quick and Dirty Dilution Technique, CQDDT.

Here’s a copy of an e-mail response I sent to a student requesting help on Module 5 dilution problems.  You should read and try to understand the material in Worksheets 36 through 39 before reading this document.

Help for Linear Equations, y = mx + b

Material describing properties of linear equations is available here.

Worksheets for Module 5

Module 5 Worksheets:  WS 34WS 35WS 36WS 37WS 38WS 39WS 40WS 41WS 47, and WS 48.

Landscape-oriented Versions of Worksheets:  WS 38L and WS 39L

Note that we did the significant digits worksheets (42-46) earlier in the course.

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