Misc. Items

Misc. Items

Pharmacology Problems Solved by Dimensional Analysis

Here’s a link to some pharmacology problems solved by dimensional analysis.  This document attempts to show how dimensional analysis is applied to problems closely related to those we do in Math for Health Careers.

Math for Technical Careers

Here’s some information on multiplying binomial expressions in the Montessori style.   (Top 5 Links: Number 1)

Intro. to Engineering, R.I.P.

Just for old times’ sake, here’s Practice Test #3 for OCCC’s late, great ENGR 1113, Introduction to Engineering.

View Your Grades

Grades for previous semesters are available on the OCCC MineOnline system.  Here’s a procedure for viewing them.

Guide to Academic Costume and Music

Since graduation is just around the corner, it’s time to develop some skill at “reading” the academic robes and to get some background on the academic song “Gaudeamus Igitur.”  Here’s an academic costume and music annotated webography to get you started.

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