Personal Items

Personal Items

New Pics

2010-12-?? Christmas is coming,  2010-12-03 Flags at Norman’s Intrust Bank,  Beck-Oates Family 2010-11-17 Get-together,  and Associated Videos, YouTube link2010-11-30 Tree Pruning,  Grass Fire on 2010-11-27,  Grass Fire Video Clip,  Beck-Oates Family 2010-11-17,  Oates-Beck Post-Thanksgiving First Video Clip,, 2010-11-11, Fall Fell, *Finally*,  Buddy & Betty 50th Anniversary Still Pics,  50th Anniv. Movie Clip-01,  Movie Clip-02,  Movie Clip-03,  Movie Clip-04,  Movie Clip-05,  Movie Clip-06,  Movie Clip-07,  Movie Clip-09,  Movie Clip-10,  2010-10-30, Early Halloween Trick-or-Treat,  2010-10-29, Amy’s 18 Months Birthday2010-08-29, One Crashed Critter,  2010-05-30, Amy’s First Trip to Westwood Pool,  2010-05-09, A Trip to the Zoo on Mother’s Day,  2010-04-11, A Trip to the Zoo

Earlier Pics

Here are some picture sets from recent events and visits:
2010-03-28 O.U. Medieval Fair,  recent oil drilling platform explosion and maps of the oil spill,  Ice Storm Pics,  More Ice Storm Pics,  Even More,  Yet More2009-12-27, Christmas Eve at Carri ‘n’ Dustin’s, Three Days Late,  2009-12-26, Christmas in Noble,  2009-12-25, After the Christmas Eve Blizzard,  Guthrie’s Victorian Walk,  Territorial Christmas,  Amy’s Baptism, 2009-12-13 ,  Christmas Tree Shopping,  Enlightened Engravings Exhibit,  Northwest Oklahoma Tour,  O.U. Homecoming ParadeO.U. South Oval Mums-1O.U. South Oval Mums-2,  O.U. North Oval,  O.U. University Blvd.

Amy’s First Trick-or-Treat,  Carri and Dustin B-Days,  Amy’s First Zoo VisitAmy at 3.5 Months,  Healthy Living Co-op: Organic Fruit and Vegetable ShareImpromptu Family Rally at Mickey-D’s,  Norman Train Station,  Cara’s Last High School Soccer Game,  Amethyst Evelyn Beck–May 28, 2009 (Top 5 Links), O.U.’s 2008 Homecoming Parade (Top 5 Links), Cousin Jan & Jim’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Party (Top 5 Links),  Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History (Top 5 Links), and the Shattuck (Okla.) Windmill Museum .

Severe Weather Footage, 5:30 p.m. – 5:45 p.m., 10 May 2010

Here’s some footage shot during the May 10 tornado outbreak.

Images from the News

Recent oil drilling platform explosion images,  Maps of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill,  Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano (Thanks, Mike Spiser!)

How to Tawk Texan  

Texas:  it’s like a whole different … planet.  Here’s your guide to Texas Ang-lish, so you can sound like a native when you visit.  For those who wish to take the advanced course, The Unofficial Texas Dictionary is also recommended, but it’s definitely second-semester stuff.  You can find some colorful Texas expressions atthis address, also.  You’ll find a Texas travel guide here.  Don’t forget Texas’s most under-rated attraction, the Palo Duro Canyon, presented here in pictures and as a virtual tour.

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