Special Features

Special Features (root)

Prof. Oates’s Spring 2011 Teaching and Office Hours Schedule

Here’s my OCCC schedule for the Spring 2011 term.

Math General Education Courses and Course Precedence Diagram

A summary of the OCCC general education math courses is available here.

Here’s a precedence diagram for OCCC math courses (Adobe Acrobat file).

Math Help (Other Subjects, Too!)

Lots of help for math and other subjects is available at KhanAcademy.org and free-ed.net.  Give them a try.

View Your Grades

Your grades for the Fall 2010 semester are now available on the OCCC MineOnline website.  Grades for previous semesters are available on the OCCC MineOnline system.  Here’s a procedure for viewing them.  If your Fall 2010 Math for Health Careers or College Algebra grade differs from what you reasonably expected, please e-mail me as soon as possible.

New Pics

Christmas celebrations:  2010-12-25, Christmas at Carri and Dustin’s,  2010-12-24, Christmas at Glenda and Joe’s.   (updated)

OCCC’s Nursing School conducts its 2010-12-17 Pinning Ceremony.

Fiftieth anniversary pics:  find (use Ctrl-F) “Buddy & Betty” without quotation marks; or just see far below.

How NOT to Analyze Data

“Global Warming Stopped in 1998”  Oh, really?  Here’s a classic case of 1) playing fast and loose with data, cherry picking a short segment while ignoring the bigger picture and 2) complete failure to understand the complexity of the system that’s being discussed.  At best, it’s a manifestation of ignorance; at worst, it’s a classic propaganda technique.  Have a look at the big picture here .  Be careful not to make such an error yourself or unwittingly spread the results of someone else’s erroneous analysis.  A statistics course [find “Statistics”] is a useful prevention for some of these kinds of errors.  So is the study of propaganda techniques.

Personal Items Section Moved

The Personal Items section has it own tab at ProfOates.wordpress.com .


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